Macro & Quants Analysis

"Top Down" View of the Economy


VCAM uses experienced internal researchers who cover global macro-economic trends and developments. At the same time, a group of quantitative specialists that have in-depth portfolio simulation back-testing and optimization capabilities are engaged periodically to ensure that the portfolios that are to be constructed and have been constructed exhibit certain traits, styles, inclinations or characteristics that may drive long term value creation in portfolios.

Fundamental Research

“Bottom Up” Analysis on Securities Selection
Based on Fundamentals as Well as
Proprietary ESG Research Framework


VCAM leverages on its research team comprising of company and credit analysts that use a variety of data sources to assess and evaluate investment opportunities through a structured fundamental based approach together with proprietary Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) research analysis framework.

Active Company Engagement

Management Strategy and Business Review

VCAM engages company management on various elements and strategy of their business model, achievements and reporting quality.


Proprietary In-House Sustainability Research Capability

By using internal assessment methods to formulate ESG sub-factors, VCAM has been able to understand better ESG linked issues on a granular basis which are highlighted to the companies of various traded securities that we currently invest in and also potential securities that could be included into our investible universe. These Sustainability factors – when integrated into investment analysis and portfolio construction - offer potential long term superior returns.