VCAM’s ESG Framework incorporates issues and questions that are global in nature but relevant to ASEAN and Malaysia. It has also been developed to ensure that the resultant scores are comparable across Malaysian companies and not specific to a particular sector.

VCAM envisages that the ultimate scores obtained should not just tick the “Ethical or Responsible Investing” box but also achieve sustainable and superior risk–adjusted performance of the investments.

The framework covers a total of 45 questions, split between the three key pillars:

  • Governance
  • Environmental
  • Social

VCAM believes that if these pillars are not managed adequately by the company being evaluated, they may turn into unanticipated cost to the company. Conversely, if they are effectively employed in the company’s strategies, these pillars may present opportunities for value creation and/or enhancement.




Our team of 12 experienced research analysts evaluate various data points across the three key pillars. We also send out a set of 45 questions to companies to obtain direct feedback as well as to ascertain whether these companies are adequately managing these pillars.






All scores by the research analysts will be validated by the Investment Review Committee, and will form part of each analyst’s live model on the company covered.